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Telecoms Invoices

If you have telecoms services with us, you may notice a change in your next invoice. We can no longer provide a fully itemised list of the phone numbers that call you. Instead you will see the data has been anonymised. However, you should still be able to tell if you have repeat callers, and the area code or whether the caller is contacting you from a mobile phone.

Email Marketing

If we facilitate email marketing services for you, you may need to run a re-opt in campaign to provide the data subjects with the opportunity to consent to your marketing emails. You may also need to update your data capture form to ensure you’re providing your data subjects with the right information when they sign up to your mailing list. Please contact your account manager to assist with your data capture and email marketing list.

Duplicate Invoices

If you need to request a copy invoice, statement of account or missing invoice, we will only be able to share these documents with the authorised email address we have on file in order to protect your personal data. If you wish to inform us of other trusted email addresses we can share this information with, please do so by contacting your account manager.

Updating Your Privacy Policy

Your website is the perfect place to display your privacy policy for easy access by your clients. If you would like to supply a privacy policy for us to upload to your website please contact your account manager. If you need any information relating to the way your website processes the data it collects, please send your request to: GDPR@adtrak.co.uk


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